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Advanced engineering systems and tecnology

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Our mission

Goriziane designs and transforms moving systems with an innovative approach relying on advanced engineering and strong attitude to problem solving.

Goriziane expertise in technology can be applied to a broad spectrum of market sectors.

Goriziane aims at bringing innovation to the market listening to customers’ needs.

Innovation is at the core of what we do.

Goriziane worldwide

Goriziane work is recognized worldwide.

Goriziane has strengthened its presence abroad by establishing the following offices which focus their activities in the E&C, mainly in the Oil&Gas.

Goriziane Rotterdam

The Goriziane Rotterdam office was opened in June 2019 with the aim of further enhancing its maritime/naval and oil&gas business. 

Goriziane Azerbaijan with headquarters in Baku has been established since 2014 to strenghten the Oil and Gas business activity in the Caspian area.

Goriziane has acquired shares of GSE Manutenzioni since 2012 in order to strengthen the MRO activities. GSE is specialized in industrial technical assistance providing customers with activities of assembling, repairing and overhauling at platforms, shipyards and on board of ships and vessels.

Our story begins in 1948...

Thanks to the know-how deriving from the Defence Sector, Goriziane started maintaining, overhauling and upgrading also machines for the Oil&Gas and Earthmoving Sectors and designing and manufacturing pipeline equipment becoming one the most important supplier worldwide.