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A family Company since 1948 in mechanical engineering

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Goriziane > Advanced engineering systems and tecnology > A family Company since 1948 in mechanical engineering
Famiglia Zanin

“..Family Company since 1948”

The Company was founded in Gorizia, Italy, in June 1948 by Mr Antonio Zanin with the sole purpose of repairing military vehicles.
During the 80s Goriziane grew stronger and became larger so that the company location was moved 15 kilometers away, to Villesse, the current location. Today Goriziane has a modern and technologically advanced industrial site.


Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of Military vehicles.


MRO for OIL&GAS, Naval and industrial sectors


Goriziane became designer and manufacturer of pipeline equipment for Oil&Gas industry


Further development in the Oil&Gas (design and manufacture of onshore and offshore plants)


Goriziane was awarded first contract for turnkey offshore projects (Saipem – Castorone and CNOOC)


Marine and naval components of vessels/ships


Goriziane started Green- G electric vehicles

Goriziane was awarded first Offshore Wind contract

Spin Off E&C from Goriziane Group

Thanks to the know-how deriving from the Defence Sector, Goriziane started maintaining, overhauling and upgrading also machines for the Oil&Gas and Earthmoving Sectors.
Afterwards, Goriziane started designing and manufacturing pipeline equipment becoming one the most important supplier worldwide.

Goriziane is today a medium-sized company operating in the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul field as well as Engineering & Construction for many industrial segments, i.e. Oil&Gas, Defence, Naval, etc.

double pipe facing machine

Goriziane is still run today by the Zanin Family who has carried on with enthusiasm and passion the work begun by the founder. Goriziane is currently under the direction and coordination of the parent company Fintref, which holds 100% of the share capital.

In 2023 Goriziane celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Innovation is at the core of what we do

Goriziane expertise in technology can be applied to a broad spectrum of market sectors. It aims at bringing innovation to the market listening to customers’ needs.

Company profile