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A perfect location to build complex and hulking plants

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Goriziane > Advanced engineering systems and tecnology > A perfect location to build complex and hulking plants

Goriziane headquarters are located in Villesse (GO), north-eastern Italy, where the railway passage no. 5 passes through by connecting Lisbon to Kiev, representing the perfect location taking into consideration how close the main airports and seaports are, i.e.:

  • Trieste Airport: 10 km.
  • Marco Poco Venice: 80 km.
  • Monfalcone Seaport: 15 km.
  • Trieste Seaport: 40 km.
  • Venice Seaport: 110 Km.

The property covers an area of 150.000 Sqm; the covered area is made of 35.000 Sqm, and 50.000 Sqm are set as testing area. The area is indeed equipped with two different testing tracks, one asphalted and one uncovered and uneven, and a artificial water pool to test all kind of vehicles.
The property also has a big lifting capacity given by overhead moving cranes up to 60 tons and a free height below hook of 20 metres.

Thanks to the wide property area dimensions Goriziane is able to build in-house complex and hulking plants for many sectors, mainly Oil&Gas and Naval, and to repair a big quantity of vehicles and equipment at the same time.

Innovation is at the core of what we do

Goriziane expertise in technology can be applied to a broad spectrum of market sectors. It aims at bringing innovation to the market listening to customers’ needs.

Company profile