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Oil and gas equipment and plants


Oil & Gas Sector

Goriziane has been operating in the Oil&Gas sector since the 80s, when it provided maintenance and overhaul services of equipment used for pipeline construction. Nowadays, our multi-disciplined engineers deal with designing, planning, constructing, and commissioning equipment and plants of the Oil and Gas Sector, thus they accomplish turnkey projects worldwide.

double pipe facing machine

As regards machines, Goriziane is specialized in the design and manufacture of internal line-up clamps, pipe facing machines along with hydraulic power units, pipe bending machines and mandrels.

As regards plants, Goriziane has a deep expertise in the design and construction of pipe handling systems such as double and quadruple joint plants manufactured for the onshore and offshore field. Moreover, Goriziane has been providing customers with firing lines and rollers, stingers and stinger rollers.

In addition to standards products, our engineers are able to design special non-standard products, thus tailor-made machines and plants which meet the most demanding customers’ needs.