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We design and develop with care and precision

Striving for innovation
Goriziane > We design and develop with care and precision

Efficient services and innovative products

Goriziane constantly invests in Research & Development aiming on providing Customers needs with innovative products. Research is the core of Goriziane, as it presents the fundamental basis for the supply of high-tech and new-generation products and services.

The result of our research, tests, and inspections are proof that we carefully and accurately design equipment that are made to be long-lasting, reliable, and efficient.

The main goal of our R&D is to provide full automation of equipment and plants to increase safety, reduce time, and manpower without affecting the quality of the products.

One of the innovative technology of Goriziane E&C is the G-ARTS (Goriziane’s Augmented Reality Tool for Service). It is an IoT equipment of Goriziane which increases productivity and easily connects our valued Customers to Goriziane’s team on providing the same high-quality service through Augmented Reality (AR).

Goriziane adapted a new system consists of a helmet kit and tablet which aim to improve the onsite activities, after-sales services, optimizing time and costs, and to ensure continuity of business even on unforeseen circumstances.