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Innovation, excellence and certified quality

Striving for innovation
Goriziane S.p.A. > Innovation, excellence and certified quality

Efficient services and high quality standards

Goriziane constantly invests in Research & Development by aiming at providing customers with innovative products and fulfilling the most demanding needs.

Customers’ satisfaction is a must to Goriziane which is engaged to build strong and long-lasting relationships with its Customers.

The search for a continuous improvement of products and services offered, thus of products with high standards, has always characterized and distinguished Goriziane since the beginning.

Quality and certifications

In 1988, Goriziane was certified with the NATO certification AQAP4, which was later modified into AQAP 120 and finally into AQAP 2120 granted by the Italian Army, besides the CLQ 2120 certification granted by the Air Force. Until now, The Company is still certified with AQAP 2110.

All the activities carried out and actions undertaken are in full compliance with quality and health, safety and environment protection standards.

Furthermore, Goriziane is ISO 9001, ISO 29001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified company which also has a certified Skills Management System for maintenance in the railway sector. Finally, Goriziane has gained the legality rating issued by AGCM, the Italian Competition Authority.