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Advanced services to the oil&gas, naval, defence industries

Innovation is at the core of what we do
Goriziane S.p.A. > Advanced services to the oil&gas, naval, defence industries

Our expertise in technology at the service of customers

Goriziane offers engineering solutions which can be applied to a broad spectrum of market sectors such as Oil&Gas, Naval and Industrial.
Moreover, it offers full and efficient services regarding maintenance, repair and upgrade of several vehicles, military and civil, as well as of machinery and plants belonging to the sectors mentioned above.

The Company has recently gone through a internal reorganisation; Goriziane is today made up of 2 main Divisions:
MRO – maintenance, repair, overhaul on one side and E&C – engineering & construction on the other.


Overhaul, repair, maintenance of a wide range of heavy and light military vehicles, rotated, armored, tracked and wheeled vehicles.


Design and construction of machines and plants. Maintenance and upgrade activities. 

Subsea7 vessel


Goriziane designs and builds marine components as regards the handling, lifting and all kind of maritime doors. Maintenance and upgrade activities. 


Maintenance and upgrade activities for engines, brakes, doors and other railway components.