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Overhaul, repair and maintenance of military vehicles

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Defence sector

Goriziane and Defence are two words that gets along pretty well. Goriziane activitity indeed started in the Defence field.
It is specialized in overhaul, repair, maintenance of a wide range of heavy and light military vehicles, rotated, armored vehicles, tracked and wheeled, self-propelled or towed systems, as well as a total and sub-assemblies for the needs of Defence.

The factory is also equipped with test benches to test all components and systems belonging to vehicles listed above. 

Goriziane is responsible for the entire overhaul process as all the activities are made in-house. Consequently this allows to have finished products in shorter time. Special attention is given to every system, i.e. mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and electrical.

After repair or upgrade, all vehicles are tested along road and off-road tracks within the property, or into a water pool.


Defence Department has been signing important partnership agreements over the years proving partners with flawless MRO support.

It is worth mentioning the fruitful partnerships with:

Bae Systems USA

To maintain, repair, overhaul and upgrade the Italian fleet of AAV7 A1 RAM/RS; Goriziane also supplies the required spare parts.

Bae Systems Hägglunds

To maintain, repair, overhaul and upgrade the Italian fleet of Bv206 and Bv206S. Goriziane also supplies the required spare parts. 


Iveco Defence Vehicles

Goriziane has been the official partner of Iveco Defence Vehicles since 2006; since then Goriziane has successfully been providing Iveco with maintenance activities of armoured vehicles and supply of spare parts.

General Dynamics Land Systems

Last but not least the technical assistance agreement signed with General Dynamics Land Systems in mid-August 2017 for the the maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade of the Italian Army fleet of Buffalo and Cougar 6×6 protected vehicles. Goriziane also supplies the required spare parts.