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Where energy transition moves into a Greener world, thanks to offshore wind farm, Goriziane plays a leading role.

A special equipment uses for Jacket Structure Construction which is 100% designed and built at Goriziane. The peculiarity of this equipment is the flexibility to use in single, double mode or opposite, synchronized mode to obtain all kind of joints fabrication (K, double K, and X joints). The two main machines are the Fit-Up Tool which handles the movements of the stub and the Half Leg which supports and manipulates the leg.

The machines are placed in their dedicated working areas where different types of joints are created. This operation is automatically executed by means of an integrated 3D laser system, which drives the Fit-Up Tool from the starting post to the target position before welding takes place. A dedicated console nearby the working area allows the operator for automatic or manual control or even with remote wireless control.

In this way, the operation time is reduced by more than 70% compared to manual operations and by keeping the utmost precision of the joints. The equipment can be easily used in different industries where productivity, precision, rapidity, and safety are required and may vary according to customer’s requirements.