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Goriziane’s New Pipe Facing Machine – PF1 features:

  • A bevelling machine with only one expansion group suitable for wide pipe range.
  • Adjustable bevelling speed at maximum available torque, from 0 to 100% (50rpm)
  • Counterboring can be added
  • Suitable for left/right hydraulic block installation (quick switch)
  • Can be adjusted at various angle (depending on configuration and tools installed)
  • The Integrated hydraulic block can be supplied with 2 options: (a) manual use (hydraulic), and (b) electro-hyrdaulic (remote controlled). The option b will be fully electrical and automatic (no operator required).
  • Expansion group: 0 maintenance for 5 years
  • Less components = less maintenace required
  • Universal kit of shoes for each pipe size
  • Stronger and lighter than ever before. High-force clamping.
Goriziane has been manufacturing Pipe Facing Machines since early ’90s with its professionalΒ engineers deal with designing, planning, constructing, and commissioning equipment and plants for the Oil&Gas Sector, thus they accomplish turnkey projects worldwide.
Click the photo to play demo video: