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Goriziane presents Goriziane Holding S.p.A. and Goriziane E&C S.p.A.

Goriziane Group continues the reorganization process which started three years ago and implements a partial and proportional company demerger which totally managed by Goriziane Holding S.p.A.

Since 1st October 2020, Engineering & Construction, the division dedicated to the oil & gas, naval, industrial, windfarm and green sectors, has become a new company: Goriziane E&C SpA, while M.R.O., the division mainly engaged in the defense sector, will be identified with the name Goriziane Group S.p.A.

The main objective of this company spinoff is to give each division its own identity by establishing itself on the market and to provide the best support and service to its partners and customers worldwide. For our Group this represents an important step in a growing path that has made the company strong and competitive.

The reorganization does not impact the ownership structure: the entire Goriziane Group remains owned by the Zanin Family, as it has for over 70 years, together with its employees, collaborators, and partners who have guided and managed it with passion and competence.

View our video presentation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ljkDzrZIBo