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Innovating together: Goriziane and Kiber team up in providing Augmented Reality solutions for remote operations

Goriziane > Defence > Innovating together: Goriziane and Kiber team up in providing Augmented Reality solutions for remote operations

Goriziane, a world-leading company in the construction of plants and products in the Oil&Gas and Naval sectors, and for over 70 years in the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of military vehicles, has signed an agreement with the highly innovative SME VRMedia to empower technologies in the field of remote assistance through Kiber System, i.e. the possibility of carrying out on-site technical assistance operations on military vehicles using the remote with the supervision of one or more experts, even in areas where connectivity and/or accessibility to non-military personnel is limited.

Kiber is wearable hardware and software fully integrated system for remote assistance based on Augmented Reality (AR) technology, that allows you to arrange and share information in real time between multiple participants, creating a remote space for live collaboration.

With the Kiber Helmet (hardware), a helmet equipped with a camera, a viewer, a set of headphones and a microphone, the operator can be guided in real time both with documents displayed directly on the viewer and by receiving advice and instructions from one or more experts through connections.

The Kiber Helmet and its related software will be used and distributed in the Defense sector exclusively by Goriziane, which will make VRMedia’s vast network and expertise available in the world of overhaul and maintenance of military vehicles.

Carlo Bavosi, General Manager of Goriziane, commented on the agreement as follows: β€œThe collaboration with VRMedia has begun two years ago and, thanks to the high professionalism of Team Kiber combined with our experience in “ILS” (Integrated Logistic Support) projects, we made it possible to develop for the Defense sector, and beyond, a solution capable of guaranteeing real-time assistance and support, anywhere in the world. The signing of this strategic partnership is the natural fulfillment of this incredible path made by two excellent Italian companies”.

Luca Torri, Chief Executive Officer of VRMedia, added: “We are delighted about this important partnership with Goriziane as it represents a collaboration of Italian excellence. Kiber is an advanced remote assistance system that offering real benefits in terms of quality and safety, and it is bound for finding many different applications in military Operations”.

Goriziane, a family business since 1948, is a world-leading company in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of military vehicles and today, thanks to a deep engineering and design expertise, it also operates in the Oil & Gas and Naval sectors.

VRMedia is a Deep-Tech company founded in 2002 by a group of experienced Augmented and Virtual Reality researchers from the University of Sant’Anna in Pisa (SSSA). Kiber System is the project that VRMedia has developed to provide Industry field with new solutions for remote assistance based on Augmented Reality.