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One of the main objectives of Goriziane is to provide customer satisfaction therefore as part of Industry 4.0 we keep on exploring and developing better products and services to serve to our customers.

We are proud to present our G-ARTS 3.0 powered by Kiber – a wearable, head-mounted device with HD camera and binocular visor that communicates through a powerful web-based platform. An ergonomic and all-in-one solution of augmented reality to empower workforce anytime and anywhere.

Main features of G-ARTS 3.0 powered by Kiber:

  • A wearable solution that offers a long-life battery of 6-8 hours in offshore environments and emergency situations
  • Connects up to 4 users, through satellite or mobile network, with a multiview system
  • Lighter working conditions thanks to its ergonomic design, binocular visor and contained weight.
  • Increase productivity and quality output
  • Reduce travel’s cost and human error
  • Improve safety, work, and training routines.

Remote users can live the situation as if they were on site, interacting and sharing information, data and images, while following the operations in a multiview mode: field worker can offer different views using the handcam with termal imaging capacity, a boroscope or a smartphone, in addition to the head mounted wide angle camera.

Nowadays, most of the people all over the world are working from home and providing remote assistance to stay safe without affecting the productivity and the quality output.